Prefabricated window & door


Vilann window & door are fabricate from highly standard uPVC material in Thailand referenced by Europian standard. uPVC profile that use in Vilann window & door is 10 years  uPVC profile warranty that use in Vilann window & door's color will not change by climate toxic .

๐ International standard + over 15 years experience
๐ Heat insulated Noise insulated technology and multipoint lock


Vilann window & door will made your house more secure and get more private by new fabricated technology  with inhabitants concern. Noise and heat insulation technology in window & door can protect  sound and heat to make your house private and cool.    

๐ High quality , strength and ready sparepart


Vilann window & door choose the best hardware that suitable to customer. With EPDM rubber seal that normal use in verhicle manufacturer business which weather proof . Handle spare part from Vilann also ready to serve incase of broken occur so customers are not necessary to find it themselve but just call us every spart are ready in our inventory.

Folding mosquito screen
มุ้งพับจีบ สำเร็จรูป


Mosquito screen from vilann is PP (Polypropylene) and PE (Polyethylene) mold by heater to make screen still in fold and wind resistant. PP +PE make folding screen have better mechanical properties than normal PP folding screen such as wind resistant, strength, and flexible. 

๐ PP + PE  material easy to clean but hard to destroy
๐ Seem like have no screen


Mosquito screen from vilann is mold in square shapeto make house owner feel no screen and free space to their house.  

Air gap technology in uPVC can reduce noise and heat by each chamber in profile. Moreover muti-chamber also have draining slot to prevent water leak into house and in profile.


Vilann window & door choose  multi-point lock to use in our window & door to make sure that our window and door will make higher security and strong to our customer.  

Vilann window & door fabricated by 15 years experianced fabricator so customer feel confident that their house will get beautiful and strong without any problems like made to order window & door by HEVTA   

Notice : Price shown is retail price and  VAT 7% and shipping fee excluded 

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